Valentin Yotkov, Designer  / Silversmith. Reviving chasing and repoussé in art metals
Workshops at Valentin Yotkov Studio

dates To be announced.
times 10 AM - 1 PM, 2 - 4 PM.
location Marlboro, New Jersey
cost $750

During this workshop students will use miniature stakes and specially formed tools to raise and fabricate miniature gold and silver vessels, unusual beads and other hollow objects for jewelry. Those with experience in chasing and repousse will produce three-dimensional sculpture beads depicting animal heads or human faces. Granulation or enamel can also be applied to the vessels.

supply list

Recommended Tools and Materials, Available at Allcraft*

1. Wooden hammer, designed especially for raising miniature forms. Available atAllcraft.

2. Set of small, fine grit Needle Files

3. Solderite Soft (soldering pad) 6"X 6"

4. Fine silver sheet – 3"X 3", 26 gauge

5. Fine silver round wire – 12" length, 22 gauge.

6. Sand paper - 320, 400 and 600 grit

7. Hard, Medium and Easy paste silver solder.

8. 2" X 2" Dapping block and punches

9. Center punch

10. Fine point permanent marker
available at:

135 West 29th Street, Room 402, NYC, NY 10001,
Tel: 212-279-7077; 800-645-7124.

*when shopping at Allcraft identify yourself as a student at Valentin Yotkov Studio for a discount of 10% or more on your purchase.

34 West 46th Street, NYC, NY 10036,
Tel: 212-944-0909.

  Miniature Vessel Raising Intensive Workshop
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