Valentin Yotkov, Designer  / Silversmith. Reviving chasing and repoussé in art metals

This is how, I believe, chasing and repoussé was done 2500 years ago when my ancestors, the legendary Thracian Masters created their timeless gold and silver treasures. I learned from their works. When I first saw their amazing pieces of art I felt excited and inspired as never before. I felt as though I had just opened my eyes and seen the light for the first time. Chasing and repoussé has became my passion in life.

Step one: The strip of gold is placed in a pitch bowl and the design is chased on the front of the piece using straight and curved liners.


Step two: The piece is then placed facedown and the relief is raised from the back of the metal using punches of different shapes and sizes.


After almost becoming a lost art, Chasing and Repoussé are currently experiencing a modern Renaissance. Metalsmiths worldwide are discovering the potential of these techniques for creating unusual, intricate designs on jewelry, hollowware or other forms of metalwork.
The Valentin Yotkov Studio is the only school in the United States specializing in Chasing and Repoussé instruction. If you are interested in learning the basics, or wish to advance and master your skills, please call 732-763-3099 or e-mail:

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