Valentin Yotkov, Designer  / Silversmith. Reviving chasing and repoussé in art metals



    Valentin Yotkov Studio offers the highest quality chasing and repoussé tools handmade in different shapes and sizes.

                      * Tools are not shown to scale.

Basic set Additional shapes
Square Tear Drop Long
Round Diamond
Half Round (Flat) Trapezoid
Half Round (Curved) Blunt Liner
Tear Drop Triangle
Oval (Flat) Triangle
Oval (Curved) Arch
Rectangular Tear Drop (Curved)
Matting (Square) Tear Drop (Curved)
Matting (Round) Matting (Diamond)
Thin Straight Liner Matting (Oval)
Thick Straight Liner Matting (Rectangular)
Thin Curved Liner Planisher (Square)
Thick Curved Liner Planisher (Round)

*   To find  out  more about the tools,  their prices and what is the best set for the type of work you do,  please call Valentin Yotkov Studio at 732-763-3099, or email Valentin at  . Please, do not enter this e-mail address to any Mailing lists, Forums or Newsletters. You will be included in our spam blocker if you do. Thank you.








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