Valentin Yotkov, Designer  / Silversmith. Reviving chasing and repoussé in art metals

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Join Valentin Yotkov for a workshop at a16th century Villa at a winery in the Chianti region of Tuscany.

During this intensive, hands-on workshop students will develop basic to intermediate skills in the execution of ornamental Chasing and Repousse designs.

This workshop is designed to enrich and inspire the participating artists and to encourage their creativity. It combines learning Chasing and Repousse with exploring the art and history of one of the most beautiful regions of Italy.

In the afternoons participants will visit quaint hill top villages in the area as well as the most famous museums and landmarks in the cities of Siena and Florence.

Since good chasing tools are no longer available we will discuss the process of making tools, their different shapes and applications.

Valentin Yotkov has taught Chasing and Repousse for the past 30 years. He developed a unique teaching method which allows students to easily understand and learn the technique. Through carefully designed step-by-step demonstrations and personalized instruction Valentin will introduce them to the magic of sculpting in metal.

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